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Solar Package on your VW Campervan

The Solar Package is the environmentally sound option for glamping in a Lekker Camper - ideal if you want complete freedom and independence The Solar Package is Fully Fitted so will work from the moment you hire your campervan - whilst you are driving and when you park up The Solar Package should ensure that:
    your fridge stays lekker cold you can keep most appliances charged without the need to plug into electricity you can have a 220V low wattage light running

This is ideal for festivals or locations where electricity is not provided (for example - camping at Tities Bay campsite near Paternoster, West Coast or at the annual Afrika Burn (Burning Man) festival) You can also save money at many campsites, as it is generally cheaper to rent a non powered site The Solar Package can be added onto campervan rentals when you book. It's simple - just see 'Optional Extras' and add it on Subject to availability

What can I do with the Lekker Camper Solar Package?

On a 3 week test in the South African Winter a team at Lekker Camper could keep their laptops, ipod, mobile phones, camera batteries and 12V lights fully charged and the fridge running at all times. They also had enough power to keep a 220V low wattage light on at night time. The efficiency of the solar package is dependant on the following factors:
amount of direct sunlight hours number and type of devices charged how often and duration of opening the fridge - the more you open it, the more power you will consume! charge devices during the day so that maximum power can be stored for night time use note: only low wattage items can be charged and used - the system is NOT suitable for hair straighteners or hair dryers!




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